Apicra is a Packaging system for bash scripts

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Apicra is a Packaging system for bash scripts



For what?

Apicra is open package system for bash files. library based on .bat/.ssh files Apicra is a set of tools used to define and execute scripts and services that automate software development, testing and delivery. Supports and uses existing tools for DEVOPS Apicra can have access to Remote development environments force users to give up their software application.

For Whom?

supports programmers in daily software development, in each area, where are necessary bash scripts for automatisation.

Where it Works?

ApiCra works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and another systems. ApiCra works on your local system with the tools you’re already familiar with.


Apicra is opened for libraries, packages now it is possbile to wirte new direkt on project

Moudularisation over environment

Installation of new packets should by possible over repositories url, to clone it and use it for all, public and private repositories, most popular git solutions such:


2019.06 Devops flow tickets

command local files remote github remote NPMJS shortcut to APICRA
-create.bat create create .apicra\-project-create.bat %GIT_USER% %PROJECT%
-publish.bat push, tag create
-ticket.bat push
-version.bat tag update
-delete.bat delete delete delete .apicra\-project-delete.bat %GIT_USER% %PROJECT%

2019.05, Devops packages designed for windows

2018, Start with Devops - all in one


if You want to check your machine over apicra scripts: serverscope.io

Scripts over API with using apicra-ssh


Should be possible to execute on any server: memory size cpu

How to start a project

1. Go to your project path

2. Download script:

apicra-install.sh / apicra-install.bat and execute

sh apicra-install.sh or 


3. Initialisation, generate the config file: apicra.yaml

apicra init

4. start using in console, with menu


Our tools

try it, or use it if you join to our opensource team!


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How to create bash scripts on windows

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EQU equal to
NEQ not equal to
LSS less than
LEQ less than or equal to
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